This library allows you to interact with major object storage backends (e.g., Amazon S3) using a unified interface.


Releases are automatically pushed to NPM. For example, to get the latest release, run:

npm install @relaycorp/object-storage

Supported backends

Backend Name SDK used internally Access/secret key support
Amazon S3 s3 AWS Optional
Google Cloud Storage (GCS) gcs GCP Unsupported. Use alternative authentication methods instead, like workload identity.
Minio minio AWS Required

Supported operations

  • Get object (along with its metadata).
  • Create/update object (along with its metadata).
  • Delete object.
  • List objects under a given prefix. Pagination is handled automatically: We return an iterable and retrieve the next page lazily.

We welcome PRs to support additional operations, as long as each new operation is supported across all backends in a normalised way, and has unit and functional tests.


import { initObjectStoreClient } from '@relaycorp/object-storage';

async function main(): Promise<void> {
const client = initObjectStoreClient(

for await (const objectKey of client.listObjectKeys("prefix/", process.env.STORE_BUCKET)) {
console.log("- ", objectKey)

API documentation

The API documentation can be found on docs.relaycorp.tech.


We love contributions! If you haven't contributed to a Relaycorp project before, please take a minute to read our guidelines first.

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