Relaynet SDK

This library implements the core of Relaynet and is meant to be used by anyone using the network from a Node.js application.

Please note that this documentation is mostly incomplete because the interface exposed by this library is changing rapidly as of this writing. Also note that the examples in this documentation won’t work until a gateway (e.g., the desktop one) has been implemented. We expect the library to reach a stable status and its documentation to be completed by the end of Q3 2020.


@relaycorp/relaynet-core requires Node.js v10 or newer, and the latest stable release can be installed as follows:

npm install --save @relaycorp/relaynet-core

Development releases use the dev tag (@relaycorp/relaynet-core@dev).


This library can be used for different purposes, so please refer to the documentation for your specific use case:

Most people will be interested in adding Relaynet support to their app, whether the app is pre-existing or is being built from scratch.

Relaycorp provides implementations for gateways, couriers and bindings, so if you’re contributing to those implementations or for whatever reason you’d like to build your own, please refer to the follow documents:

TypeScript type declarations are included with this library. Read API documentation.

Specs supported

This library supports the following Relaynet specs:


If you have any questions or comments, you can find us on Gitter or create an issue on the GitHub project.


Releases are automatically published on GitHub and NPM, and the changelog can be found on GitHub. This project uses semantic versioning.